naked Sunboys


No clothes, no attitude

Sunboys Nudist Group is a community group for men

in the Cairns area into getting


with other guys.

What we're about

Cairns Sunboys is a clothing-free recreational/social group for guys who want a relaxed, fun, open naked group. The group is open to gay, bisexual and straight men, to men of all colours, to men who are single or partnered, whatever their shape or size. You are welcome no matter how you do or don't label yourself. But let's keep this group as a place just to be unafraid of our bodies.

When we remove our clothes, we also remove our inhibitions and our preconceptions about others. Being naked allows us to drop the pretence of how we want others to see us and just be ourselves - to accept ourselves and each other in a healthy way.

If you're passionate about being nude yet have nowhere to be naked... or even if you're a little nervous about being naked around other men, this group is for you.

This is not a sex group, just a place to be nude, together and relax. Nudism doesn't have to be sexual. This group is simply about guys being comfortable with each other, with the sexual worries being off the table.

We like to get together for a naked outdoor BBQ party, which we have every month. Events are held in private homes with a pool or spa, from Wonga Beach to Mission Beach, mostly in Cairns suburbs.

To find out more about Sunboys events, click here. Sunboys is run as a private Meetup group. If you are interested in coming to any of our events, please join our Meetup group.

PLEASE NOTE: We enforce a zero tolerance policy for harassment, sexual aggression or overtly sexual behaviour, and inappropriate behaviour not in the spirit of the group. We also ask that you do not make sexual references or requests in any public forum, if these types of posts/comments are made they will be deleted and you will be removed from the group.

The group is open to men over the age of 18.

Cameras including smart phones are not allowed at nude events. PLEASE leave your phone and valuables in your vehicle. We take our privacy and security very seriously.

You are welcome to contact us.


* * * Affiliated with GNI * * * Gay Naturists International * * *

Updated 25/6/2022

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