Instructions for the care and wearing of your Sunboys suit


Your Sunboys suit should be washed as often as possible. Wash under the shower or in the bath, never in the washing machine.

Towel or drip dry, it can be tumble dried, but not in a clothes drier. Do not hang on clothes line - could pull it out of shape.

wearing of it

If desired, rough hairy bits may be shaved, this only to suit personal likes; if unsure you can get somebody to help you.

Your Sunboys suit should be worn to all Sunboys functions. You can wear it at home whenever you wish, or alternate it with your birthday suit or your see-through pyjamas (top & bottomless).

You can wear it under your normal casual or work clothes which means you are ready for any Sunboys function that may arise.

Wear your suit to the beach (as long as it is a clothes-optional beach.)

When doing this take care not to let any of its parts be over-exposed to the sun as this may make it very uncomfortable to wear.

social etiquette

When wearing your suit at a dining night, refrain from smiling when the waiter places your napkin on your lap. Take care when leaving the table not to let any parts of your suit dangle in the food.

Very special care should be taken when using sharp cutlery not to drop any of these implements as they may damage your suit or parts of it.

When attending functions in your suit, take a towel to sit on to protect the furniture from any stains or marks that your suit may make. Breaking of wind on unprotected wooden chairs is not allowed as it can be very noisy and disturbing to others.

special note

Do not store your Sunboys suit in the closet - wear it and show it as much as possible and with pride!

Updated 30/1/2022

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